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It's not as easy as you think!

When you consider breeding / reproducing an animal, there are many aspects to consider. Please, put some thought into this venture before you proceed with a breeding that could end up a nightmare.

Is your dog a good representation of the breed meeting the Standard? Do you know the faults and which type of Gene transmits this fault?

Infections transfer from breedings. Have both the Dog and Bitch had Bacteria Cultures and Brucellosis Tests performed?

Have you had your bitch checked for such things as Luxating Patella's, Cardiomyopathy, or Hypothyroidism? Has the stud been checked, too? Do you have the time to learn, or knowledge about the possible hereditary faults in the line you are breeding?

Can you accept the loss of your bitch to have this litter? Complications can and do happen, and bitches do die before, during and after whelping. Are you familar with the terms: Uterine Inertia, Prolapsed Uterus, Eclampsia, Metritis, or Mastitis?

Are you willing to find the best male possible to complement your bitch? You wouldn't want to breed a "Fault" such as Luxating Patellas, incorrect Bites, Toplines or Coats, would you? If so, you're reproducing poor specimens of our Breed!

A female should never be alone as the Whelping time draws near. Will you be able to stay home for several days before and after the Whelping?

Do you have enough money saved in the event that a C-section is required? Do you know the signs of Eclampsia, the steps to take, and the possible outcome?

Have you educated yourself about whelping and raising puppies so that you will recognize a problem before it is too late? Do you know about Fading Puppies, Toxic Milk, Septicemia, Primary Atelactasis, Herpes Virus, Cleft Palates, Hypoglycemia?

To see a new born with a birth defect is heart breaking, and it may need to be put down. If it must be done, can you do it, for you can not let it suffer. This can be extremely hard on your Bitch also, and can cause further complications.

Are you willing to take a few days off work to raise the litter should anything happen to the dam? Should this happen you may need to Tube Feed. This involves placing a Tube down the mouth directly to the stomach with a measured amount of Formula. A weak Puppy does not have the strength to be fed with a Bottle, so you may even need to supplement if the Dam has only marginal milk.

Can you afford to vaccinate the puppies? Vaccinations are started at around 8 weeks of age and are given every 2-3 weeks until the Puppies are 4 months old. This means you will be giving 2-3 Vaccinations to each Puppy before it is to be sold.

Do you expect to profit from the sale of these puppies? Most litters cost breeders money, if you are lucky you may break even after the pups are sold.

How selective will you be in finding homes for the puppies? What criteria will new owners have to meet? Do they have fenced yards, will they be able to afford routine medical care, will they be able to afford veterinary bills if an emergency arises, will they continue to feed the pup a quality diet, etc.?

Are you willing to take back any unwanted puppies or dogs that you have produced if their owners are no longer able to keep them, or at least help them place them in proper homes? Job Tranfers, Medical reasons and etc do happen.

Please Educate Yourself Before Breeding

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